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Lightening spray ideal for dull-looking or colored hair. Enriched with UV Filter, Luminescine and goji berries, it guarantees protection, shine and a longer-lasting color.


  • To shine and protect
  • Prolongs color life
  • Absorbs UV rays
  • Reduces the negative effects of UV rays


4.22 fl. oz. (125 ml)

Sensus | Illumy Light Oil

    • Spray evenly over the lengths and ends of damp or dry hair.
    • Repeat the application on particularly sensitized areas.
    • Comb through and style.
    • An excellent product to apply before using hair straighteners.
  • Luminescine:

    Obtained from the flowers of Verbascum, a plant found throughout the Mediterranean. This active ingredient can absorb UV rays. Transforms UV rays into a new source of light that gives hair exceptional shine.



    Goji berries, which are native to China, are rich in vitamins, mineral salts, 18 different amino acids and plant-based fatty acids. They are used to replenish vitamin reserves and supply nutrients. Colored hair is protected, energized and strengthened, for an anti-age effect.

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