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Hy Loren №1 high pH alkaline shampoo is the first in the world that contains the powerful polymer – Hyaluronic acid. This innovative formulation is carefully designed to soften, strengthen and restore the hair's appearance. 


Three years of research and development at Mon Platin's labs resulted in a scientific breakthrough in hair care, visibility and maintaining a bright blond color with the new Hy Loren №1 shampoo.


The treatment consists of three stages (three products), each having a crucial role in the hair´s strengthening and recovery process.After the first treatment you can already see a notable change in the hair quality, on seven different dimensions:


  • moisture absorption in the hair fiber
  • enhanced volume when using volumizers
  • strengthening of the hair fiber and less hair breakage over time–contributing to hair growth
  • a uniform surface the cuticle is uniformly coated to create asmooth and pleasant sensation on the hair fiber
  • significant strengthening of the hair fiber thanks to an elevatedwater (=moisture) content in the dandruff layer
  • up to 58% more flexibility in the hair fiber, from the first useThe unique combination of the three treatment products results in alevel of haircare that is unprecedented in the hair products industry.


17 fl. oz. (500 ml)

Mon Platin | Hy Loren - Color Save Shampoo

    1. Wash hair with Hy Loren No1 high pH alkaline shampoo, then towel dry.
    2. Generously apply Hy Loren No2 hair mask on to the entire length of the hair, wait 3-5 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.
    3. To complete the treatment, apply Hy Loren No3 Protection liquid throughout the entire length of the hair. Style as usual.
    • This powerful shampoo provides the hair fiber with a comprehensive seven-dimensional treatment that includes moisture absorption, anti-freeze effect, strengthening of the hair fiber, increased flexibility, enhanced volume for the hair fiber, increased natural shine and neutralization of free radicals, leaving the hair pleasant to touch, flexible, uniform in texture and more durable for brushing.

    Frequent use of Hy Loren №1 shampoo seals the hair cuticle and prevents fading and discoloration of the hair.

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