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Macau Professional Color Protect Smoothing Keratin Treatment 


Active reducer – capillary sealing, unique step, seals cuticles, reduces the volume and frizz. Its volume reduction assets, combined with special oils, acids and proteins promote: Heat sealing, Silk effect, volume reduction, frizz removal, doesn’t dry the wires, softness, movement and deep shine.



16.9 fl. oz. (200 ml)



PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY: The sale and use of this product is intended for licensed professionals only. Atia Beauty will not be held responsible by anyone who buys and/or uses this product.

Chemical products may cause allergic reactions, which in rare instances can be severe. Conduct sensitivity and allergic patch test 48 hours prior to each application. These products must not be used on eyelashes or eyebrows.

MACAU | Color Protect Keratin Smoothing Treatment

C$117.99 Regular Price
C$106.19Sale Price
  • Shake before using

    1. Wash hair with normal shampoo, dry 90% and apply the product evenly, align hair with fine comb.
    2. Leave to act for 40 minutes fine hair / 60 minutes for thick (curly) hair.
    3. Rinse 60% of hair with water. Do not use shampoo.
    4. Dry 100% and plank fine wicks 10 to 15 times a wick, at the temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 230 Celsius for more brightness, smoothness, and softness. For blonde and brittle hair, lower the temperature.
    5. Rinse well at the end of the process.

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