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For maximum vibrancy, prelighten hair to Level 9 prior to application. Follow prelightening guidelines to ensure you lift natural hair to the proper level to achieve optimal results.

Apply Color Intensity to clean, dry hair, wearing gloves to avoid staining. Process for 20 minutes with or without heat.

Rinse thoroughly for several minutes (rinsing different shades separately).

Joico | Color Intensity - Peacock Green

    • Vibrant results that last through 20 shampoos
    • No bleeding! Ideal formula for creative color techniques and melts
    • Fades on tone
    • Exclusive Quadramine Complex reconstructs each strand for guaranteed healthier-looking hair with every single service
    • Intermixable shades deliver endless creative options
    • Hair becomes brilliantly shiny
    • Refreshing notes of citrus and flowers deliver a delightful signature fragrance

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