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100% Human Remy Hair Professional 18″ Ponytail Wrap


With the Hair Affair Pony Up, you can have that long, sleek, natural looking ponytail you’ve always dreamed of. Our unique Looper Tool makes installation quick and easy. Available in 100% Human Hair - 18" length only.


Wear it high on the head or low and sultry sweeping to the side. Wear it straight, curled or put it in a playful braid! All in one styling – clip it in, wrap it around and you’re ready to go.



Available in 100% Human Hair - 18" length only.


Hair Affair | Pony Up 18" Ponytail With Looper Tool - Medium Brown

    1. Pull hair back into a bun or a small pony secured with an elastic.
    2. Slide the clip in behind the elastic at the top to anchor the pony.
    3. Wrap the pony and secure with the Velcro closure. This now leaves the hair wrap ready to blend and create a perfect natural finish.
    4. Wrap the hair section around the pony just enough to cover the Velcro attachment. Using loop tool, thread the hair section through the loop and feed end down the centre of the ponytail.
    5. Pull through so that the hair section blends into the centre of the ponytail for a secure hold.
    • Built in hair wrap for a natural finish
    • Free Looper tool for easy and secure attachment
    • Free Bun Maker for even more styling options
    • Available in 9 shades
    • Application Time: 3-5 Minutes

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