Glides through tangles with less effort, pain & breakage!


How you brush your hair is the key to strong and healthy hair. Hair is weakest when wet and pulling at it can snap it like a rubber band. This is why you should brush with a tool that gently loosens knots without pulling or breaking hair.







Wet Brush | Pro Paddle Detangler - Blackout

    • Excusive, ultra-soft intelliFlex bristles glide through tangles with ease.
    • Minimize effort and pain with over 45% less breakage.
    • Ergonomically advanced design features finger rests and rubberized easy grip handle for more comfort and control, even when hands are wet.
    • Aqua Vent design allows for fast water drainage and easy cleanup.
    • Expanded cushion area for faster detangling.
    • Can be used on both dry and wet hair
    • Suitable for brushing extensions and wigs
    • Brush through hair gently in downward motion