Accuracy & Precision in freehand Application


Discover foil-free Sunkissed looks: Wella Professionals Blondor Freelights is our most intuitive and precise way to create sunkissed hair. Achieve controlled and reliable freehand lightening with up to 7 levels of lift, with precision and accuracy. Working on natural and pre-colored hair, Blondor Freelights contains lightening agents and clays. 



800 g (28.20 oz)

Wella | Blondor Freelights White Lightening Powder

  • For off-scalp usage only.

    • Mix the Blondor Freelights Developer (B) with the Blondor Freelights Powder (A) in a ratio of 1:1 - 1:3 (recommended 1:1.5) in a non-metallic bowl.



    Blondor Freelights Actifuse(R) Technology: Activated polymers link with each other to form a flexible and adhesive network. This keeps the mixture in place, allowing for easier spreading, and a new level of precision with reduced swelling. Keep the hair strand under tension; using Freelights Paddle will help. To avoid hard lines, start in the mid-lengths and sweep lightly to the roots.

    • With ACTIFUSE(R) Technology
    • For reduced swelling and bleeding during freehand Lightening
    • Up to 6 levels of lift, for natural and pre-colored hair
    • Always use Blondor Freelights Lightener Powder with the Freelights Developer
    • Professional hair product designed to lighten hair for beautiful blonde results
    • Lifted blonde hair color