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Freelights Developer/Peroxide 


Easily create precise and natural looking highlights without the use of foils with Wella Blondor Freelights Developer. This professional hair product enables freehand application of hair color developer. It is formulated with Hydrogen Preoxide and flexible acrylic polymers reducing swelling. Wella Blondor has been designed for precise color lift. It does not require foils.



33.81 fl. oz. (1 L) 

Wella | Blondor Freelights Developer - 12%/40 Vol.

  • For off-scalp usage only

    • Mix the Blondor Freelights Developer (B) with the Blondor Freelights Powder (A) in a ratio of 1:1 - 1:3 (recommended 1:1.5) in a non-metallic bowl.For professional use only.


    **Blondor Freelights Developer needs to mixed with designated Freelights Powder**

    • Enables freehand application
    • Designed for ease and precise color lift
    • Freelights Developer - no need to use foils
    • Precise hair color lift

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