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Strip-Less Hard Wax - Azulene: (Available in store only)


Formulated for thin, fast and economical applications, Contains blue oil obtained from chamomile flower providing anti-inflammatory protection, bactericidal and anti-allergenic, Contains natural organic components, Suitable for all types of hair growth.



  • For sensitive skin

  • Hard Wax

  • Made in Canada

  • Low temperature melting wax



35 oz. (1 kg)

Sharonelle | Strip-Less Hard Wax - Azulene (Available in store only)

Out of Stock
    • Melt wax over low heat.
    • Test for correct temperature on small area.
    • Ensure skin is clean.
    • Apply wax thickly in direction of hair growth.
    • When wax cools off, roll wax off against direction of hair growth.

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