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Sharonelle Natural Depilatory Wax - Azulene: (Available in store only)


Formulated for thin, fast and economical applications, Contains blue oil obtained from chamomile flower providing anti-inflammatory protection, bactericidal and anti-allergenic, Contains natural organic components, Suitable for all types of hair growth.



  • For sensitive skin

  • Soft Wax

  • Made in Canada

  • Low temperature melting wax



2 sizes available.

Sharonelle | Depilatory Wax - Azulene (Available in store only)

Out of Stock
    1. Open Container of wax and place it in a heater.
    2. Allow wax to melt completely. Heat to lukewarm temperature. Stir for even consistency.
    3. Test the wax for correct temperature.
    4. Clean the area to be treated.
    5. With a spatula apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of the hair.
    6. Place a cotton/pellon strip on wax covered area and rub firmly in direction of hair growth.
    7. Stretch the skin with one hand, and with the other pull strip in a snappy movement against hair growth.
    8. Apply after wax/soothing lotion when treatment is completed.

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