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It’s the very latest revolution in bleaching powder. It lightens hair by up to 7 levels, while respecting the integrity of the hair fiber.This unique product, easily and safely applied in a single, practical stage,bleaches hair while ensuring its maximum protection. Thanks to the special conditioning, moisturizing and protective Poly amino Sugar Condensate complex, Deco Dust Plus+ bleaches and treats hair, leaving the hair cuticle compact after application. An innovative and effective formula in a revolutionary salon product! 


2 sizes available.

Sensus | Inblonde - Dust Plus+

    • Prepare as you would a conventional bleaching powder, mixing it with the 10, 20, 30 or 40 volume oxidising emulsion in the recommended ratio of 1:2.
    • The compact and easily spreadable mixture can then be applied using the desired bleaching technique.

    Obtained by the condensation of two ingredients that are precious to the hair fiber: amino acids and sugars. This complex has a high affinity with the hair. Protective, restoring, conditioning and hydrating action.


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