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Dream Hair Color Save - Spray for Dry / Damaged 


This precise formulation optimally coats the hair fiber throughout its entire length, providing it with a thin, invisible coat, which with the aid of heat (a hair dryer) lasts for days, resulting in uniform, smooth and brilliant hair. 

Dream Hair has a light and gentle scent that does not leave a lasting effect on the hair.


  • Oil free
  • Formalin free
  • Paraben free



8.5 fl. oz. (250 ml)


Mon Platin | Hy Loren Dream Hair - Color Save Leave-in

    1. After washing, thoroughly towel dry hair.
    2. Spray the product on to the hair fiber.
    3. Massage product methodically onto each lock of hair, to ensure that the entire surface of the hair is covered.
    4. Finally blow dry and design hair as desired.

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