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Ultra emollient lightener eliminates dryness and dullness for beautifully protected blondes with a fragrance-free formula. With lipid-rich Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, Quadramine Complex to help deliver unsurpassed, healthy- looking results.


  • Fragrance-free formula 
  • Fast-acting for 8 levels of on-and off-scalp lift 
  • Contains Quadramine Complex to deliver maximum reconstruction during the lifting process 
  • Contains shea butter to protect and soothe the hair 
  • Contains moisturizing


10.5 oz.(300 g)

Joico | Vero K-Pak - Crème Lightener

    • ON-SCALP:  1:1 up to 20 volume (6%)


    • OFF-SCALP:  1:1 up to 40 volume (12%)

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