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Italwax Sugar Paste Wax - Soft 


Soft consistency paste. Created for work in cool, well air-conditioned premises, used for large areas (legs, arms), convenient for work in gloves or for bandage method.


  • Paste Wax

  • Made in Italy

  • Low temperature melting wax



13.53 oz. (600 g)

Italwax | Sugar Paste Wax - Soft

    1. Open the can cover.
    2. Put the can in the heater, warming up to a working temperature.
    3. Take a small quantity of sugar paste and shape a ball with fingers.
    4. Apply sugar paste ball onto the area to be treated against the direction of the hair growth.
    5. Remove the paste following the direction of the hair growth using only your hands.
    6. Use after wax lotion.

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