i.ENVY Pointed, curved metal lash applicator for professional use in applying lashes. Suitable for use with individual, trio and strip lashes.


Features strong, accurate grip for easy application.

i.ENVY | Precision Lash Applicator

  • Individual/Trio Lashes Application:

    1. Pick up i.ENVY trio or individual lash with pointed end of applicator.
    2. Dip the knotted or knot-free end into the glue.
    3. Place the i.ENVY trio or individual lash directly on top of your own lashes at the lash line.


    Strip Lashes Application:

    1. Hold i.ENVY eyelashes between the curved portion of the applicator and carefully position lashes along your lash line.
    2. Use pointed end to gently tap corners in place.