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Discover the true joy of soft, strong, intensely revitalized hair. Enriched with restorative proteins derived from nourishing quinoa extract, this indulgent mask imbues hair with essential hydration for renewed elasticity and smoothness.


Treat your luxurious hair to an indulgent hair mask, designed to boost active ingredient absorption, replenish damaged hair, and leave you feeling refreshed. If you want to see your hair absorb more nutrients and prepare your scalp for ultimate beauty, our hair mask was designed for you.




2 sizes available.

Biotop Professional | 911 Quinoa Mask

    1. Place dollop of the hair mask in your hands
    2. Distribute evenly throughout the hair from mid-section to the tips
    3. Massage gently into hair
    4. Let sit 2-3 minutes
    5. Rinse thoroughly

    Pro tip: For severely damaged hair, let sit 5 minutes and leave 10% of mask in while rinsing. Dry hair thoroughly with a dryer. The compounds will bind with the hair and ensure ongoing repair.

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