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On-the-Spot Frizz Fix


Smooths, tames and de-frizzes instantly with Avocado and Omega 3’s


Create the perfect style in under 60 seconds. Developed for color-treated hair, this all-in-one formula transforms parched, unruly hair into glossy, polished style without blow-drying hair from wet.



4 fl. oz. (120 ml) 

COLOR WOW | One-Minute Transformation Styling Cream

    1. Use on dry hair.
    2. Apply a small amount to frizzy, unruly areas.
    3. Brush through with a flat brush to smooth away frizz and creases or dents caused by hair clips, ponytail clasps, headbands, and more.
    4. For a more polished look, wrap sections around a brush and hit for 15 seconds with heat from the blow-dryer.

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