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Bonding Mask - Clear 0-00


To reduce intensity of Bonding Color Masks or to create pastel tones.




16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml)

Chroma ID | 0-00 Clear Bonding Mask (500 ml)

C$69.99 Regular Price
C$48.99Sale Price
  • With integrated Bonding and Low Salt Technology, combined with deeply caring formulas, Chroma ID enables hairdressers to color their clients’ hair while maintaining, and even improving overall hair quality:


    • Bonding Technology enforces the structural bonds within the hair strand for stronger hair with less breakage
    • Low Salt Technology reduces the pigment penetration barrier, maximizing the availability of color pigments entering the hair
    • Keratin and Panthenol provides extra care and outer cuticle sealing for improved hair quality
  • Intermix the selected Bonding Color Mask with the 9.5-1 Bonding Mask and apply the mixture evenly on pre-washed and towel dried hair.


    • Apply the desired Bonding Color Mask evenly on pre-washed and towel dried hair.
    • Leave up to 10 minutes. Keep visual control.


    LONGEVITY: Depending on shade selection, development time and hair structure, color lasts up to 15 shampoos.

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